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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

2014 MOI Restaurants: Certification Award

On October 5th the Ospitalità Italiana (Italian Hospitality International Certification) award ceremony was held at the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

With 8 new restaurants awarded with this certification, Ospitalita Italiana is given to restaurants that have fulfilled the Italian standard of hospitality along with ingredients vital to Italian cuisine.

Newly certified restaurants and already-certified restaurants alike receive the certification plaque. Placing this plaque within the restaurant not only shows customers the authenticity of the Italian cuisine presented, but also acts as a publicity project courtesy of the ICCJ.

At the same time as the award ceremony, an official press release of the MOI Restaurant Guidebook (Japan, China, Korea) was also held.

(Download the MOI Restaurant Guidebook here) The MOI Restaurant Guidebook will be available in relevant, key locations in Italy, Japan, China and Korea.

MOI-certified restaurants along with AQI-certified restaurants (AQI: Italian Restaurant Quality Mark) are given higher priority when selecting venues for the ICCJ’s events (such as the Aperitivo, Chambering events): this provides greater visibility and publicity, as many participants join our events. Restaurants can also be used for catering, wine, olive oil, or food tasting events.

The certifications are undoubtedly important in showcasing authentic, high-quality Italian cuisine, but it is also intended to contribute to the economic wellness of the Italian food industry as a whole. We as consumers, as well as those involved in the Italian food industry, also play an important role in this process.



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