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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

After Expo 2015, the promotion of Made in Japan in Italy is continuing

The 3rd of March  representatives of Fukui Insitutions and companies along with the ICCJ met in Sabae to share results and feedback of 2015 initiatives promoted in Milan and to discuss on follow up. About 20 companies and 40 participants debated how to reinforce export into Italian market. 
In 2015, all of them participated both in the Japanese Pavillion during the International Expo and in the promotional event organized last October 28th by the Chamber and hosted in the elegant Palazzo Bossi Clerici.

The Chamber presented results about the Palazzo Bossi Clerici event, that was a cultural, turistic and business exchange between Fukui institutional representatives and producers and Italian importers, journalists and Istitutions. The results of the survey made by about 90 participants helped to reflect about expectations and wonders of Italian importers.

The interviewers judgement about quality of Fukui products was totally positive and also the interest in starting or continuing import of knives and other steel accessories as well as lacquers, ceramics, objects made ​​with the famous washi paper, sake or typical seaweed like kombu and nori.

They wondered about Japanese export capabilities, maybe due to the lower experience of some Japanese companies that only recently decided to enter foreign markets. According to this issue, the Chamber offered its support to companies that will decide to reinforce their presence in Italy.

Chamber’s point of strenght is based on the enduring networking in Italy and Japan and on the deep knowledge of trend, needs and culture of the two Countries.  As Fukui is concerned, for example, knowing, appreciating and promoting local traditions to foreign people is a fundamental skill. Fukui is infact a land of deep devotion being the ‘cradle’ of Japanese Zen, where the Buddhist vegetarian food has had a big impact on local cuisine in terms of simplicity and waste refrain. Fukui is also a land of handicrafts and ancient artistic heritage.

On this basis, the Chamber proposed to continue Fukui products promotion in Italy thanks to the opening of a temporary shop in the centre of Milan. Sales analysis and customers feedback will allow the involved Japanese companies to collect useful information for planning new export strategies.

Moreover the Chamber is offering support for participating in important trade fairs in Italy: for example the Vinitaly in Verona, the International Travel Fair or the Lifestyle Trade Fair in Milan as well as the International Exhibition of organic and natural products in Bologna.

The 2015 experiences in Milan confirmed that thematic events such as the one in Palazzo Bossi Clerici and big events like international trade fairs, perfectly fit the curiosity and interest of Italians, both generic visitors and professionists.

Fukui's promotional event was characterized last year by B2B meetings between Japanese producers and Italian importers; moreover an original and refined buffet made of Japanese food along with Italian ingredients was offered to the invited participants. The event was ended with a taiko performance played by buddhist monks.



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