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Demand of Italian wine in 2016 in Japan: Survey Results

At the beginning of January, ICCJ launched a survey oriented to wine sector experts in Japan. The aim was to bring out the best opportunity of business for the Italian wine market in 2016, after the successful wine events in 2015. Importers (65%), restaurants/hotels managers (14%), sommeliers (10%), wine shops (9%) and oenological schools (1%) participated in the survey. The survey was sent to over 600 participants. 

Looking at the survey results, one can feel an air of optimism: 64% of those interviewed believe that the wine market in Japan will increase; 64% of Japanese companies wants to enlarge this business; 48% wants to import new Italian wines, confirming that Italian wines will become more and more popular this current year.

In addition to this optimistic data, it is also beneficial for the Chamber to see how importers choose and discover new Italian wines: commercial missions and B2B matching services planned by the Chamber (38%) are the favourite, compared to independent and autonomous researches (23%).

Participants seemed to prefer wines with a deep regional connotation (28%) or wines obtained by rare vines (18%). Also wines that have received special awards or mentioned in renowned guides were well appreciated (17%). Through the survey it is clear that sparkling wine (13%) is not the exclusive factor of success in the Japanese market, contrary to other countries: for example, in 2015 spumante was the key factor of Italian export increase (source: Il Sole 24 Ore).
Moreover, a significant expectation about the ‘local way’ of import management emerges by the Japanese: some examples of this ‘local way’ are the attention on product presentation, punctuality, and precise information request. Although globalisation is a universal phenomenon, speaking and interacting in Japanese are still key factors for the Made in Italy exporters.
It is a cultural issue that implies a special time and energy investment for the Italian producers and mediators that want to reach Japanese expectations.
Conscious of these challenges, results are finally positive if you consider that the successful results in USA, Great Britain and Japan leaded the Italian export of wine in 2015. (source: Il Sole 24 Ore)
In addition to this, Vinitaly, arguably the most prestigious wine trade fair in the world, is an important opportunity for wine-related individuals and businesses from the April 10-13 in Verona. The Chamber participates in Vinitaly every year, supporting Japanese buyers interested in creating or expanding their Italian wineries network.





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