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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

Discovering the excellence of wine at “Italy, land of wine”

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Slow Wine and the Piedmont Wine Consortium have three features in common:  excellence, sustainability and respect for tradition. The “Italy, land of wine: the excellences of Slow Wine and i Vini del Piemonte” event was a result of harmony between the two associations. 

The event consisted of a “walk-around- tasting” day along with technical seminars to discover the best of Italian wine and its history: the cellars, the methods of crop, the vines.

Ideazione srl and the ICCJ, in collaboration with the ICE office in Tokyo, organized this event on the November 24th in the elegant setting of Happo-en in Tokyo. Two technical seminars were held at the same time of the event. Led by Mr. Isao Miyajima, journalist and considered one of Japan’s foremost wine experts, the seminars covered 2 topics: Italian wines and Piedmont wines.

Over 300 visitors (journalists, sommeliers, importers and restaurateurs of Japan) had the opportunity to meet 27 ​​Italian wineries selected among the winners of the “2015 Slow Wine” or affiliated to the Wines of Piedmont Consortium.

“Italy counts 400 grape varieties; however, only in the Piedmont region can one find 42 DOC vineyards and 16 DOCG. At least 100 of them have a strategic importance for the international trade. This makes Italy exceptionally unique in the world. These numbers are more meaningful if compared to other countries, which have no more then a dozen of the same type of vineyards” argues Daniel Manzone, director of the Consortium. "This variety is an important point of strength for Italy and we accept the challenge of promoting and explaining this diversity to the foreign market".

Though similar events occur throughout the world, this particular event was the first for Japan’s market. There is now a strong interest in promoting a similar event every year. “There is a special feeling between Italian and Japan culture and this encourages us to believe that, through taking advantage of the diversity of wine varieties, we can find harmony between Italian wines and Japanese cuisine as well,” says Daniele Manzone.

The excellence of the selected wines is guaranteed by the Consortium of Piedmont and Slow Wine Guide. Giancarlo Gariglio, editor of this guide, reminds us that "Slow Food believes that wine, like food, must be good, clean, and fair – not just good. Clean, because we believe in being environmentally friendly, fair because it guarantees accessible prices for consumers and sustainable costs for producers”. For these reasons, since 2015, the Italian Sommelier Association and Restaurateurs has adopted the Slow Wine Guide as an official reference publication for its members.



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