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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

Italy and Japan: the future of fashion

How is the Japanese market perceiving Italian brands? And what are the margins for an effective collaboration between Italy and Japan in the fashion industry?
The 14th of October - on the Occasion of the Japan Fashion Week - the Chamber hosted a midday talk regarding the state-of-the-art of the Italian fashion brands in Japan. It was moderated by Akiko Shinoda (Director of international affairs for the Japan Fashion Week Organization).

Speakers of the day were top names from the creative-distribution chain, such as  Mr. Andrea Pompilio (fashion designer) and Mr. Hirofumi Kurino (Senior Adviser for Creative Direction, United Arrows). Also the presence of Mr. Hidenobu Teramura, Deputy Director Manager of the Textile and Clothing Division (Ministry of Economy of Japan) was important for the discussion.

This seminar was an opportunity to present the problem of the costs of high quality fabrics, imported from Japan to Italy and vice versa. "Natural and synthetic materials combined together create interesting textures. It is a shame that the costs  for export to Italy are so high; oftentimes the result is that only one line of a whole collection is made with Japanese fabrics “ said Andrea Pompilio.

This trend was partly confirmed by Mr. Hidenobu Teramura: “most of japanese textile production remains in the domestic market and only a fraction of the high-quality fabric is used in the fashion industry. For this reason in the last three years the Government has signed specific trade agreements with some countries in Asia and Europe, but not yet with Italy”.

‘Made in Italy’ fashion has also to work through the difficulties of conforming its products to the Japanese standards and certifications, which are limiting the import to Japan. The hope for the future is that trade policies between the two countries will facilitate cooperation and exchanges, encouraging a trend that is already positive, with regard to the (if we consider the) interest of the fashion houses for the local high quality fabrics.

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Italy and Japan are linked by a centuries-old textile tradition and a thorough knowledge of materials. More generally, they share a history, an artistic culture and a manufacturing tradition that is clearly distinguishable from any other country. These characteristics must be valorised, especially today: “in this globalisation era, it is essential for every fashion house to strengthen the bond with the culture of its own country and promote the local young designers in order to allow fashion brands to continue expressing an unique soul and spirit". This is one of the ideas proposed by Hirofumi Kurino that perfectly matches with the mission of the Japan Fashion Week: become the starting point for cooperation between designers,manufacturers and apparel retailers; be the gateway for success in the world for new designers; make Tokyo more fashionable and enjoyable.



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