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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

Japanese buyers attend HOMI: Enhancing the collaboration with Fiera Milano

Thanks to the support of the Chamber, roughly 20 Japanese buyers will attend HOMI, a lifestyle exhibition/trade fair that will be held in Fiera di Milano from the September 16-19.

This event takes place twice a year and hosts interesting design ideas for lifestyle and for people in general, becoming the go-to trade fair for the interior design, lifestyle industries. HOMI consists of 10 divisions or “satellites”’ as they like to define them: Living Habits, Home Wellness, Fragrances & Personal Care, Fashion & Jewels, Gifts & Events, Garden & Outdoor, Kid Style, Home Textiles, Hobby & Work.
Not only is HOMI important for the relevant industries, it also strengthens the collaboration between the Chamber and Fiera di Milano, aiming to reinforce business opportunities between Italy and Japan.  

The ICCJ and Fiera di Milano mutually cooperate for two other biennial events, supporting Japanese exhibitors and buyers interested in participating: HOST and TUTTOFOOD. The next editions are fixed for 2017.
 HOST is an unmissable event that offers a preview of innovative technologies in food equipment, food products (ingredients, semi-prepared items) and the world of coffee, as well as new design in the lifestyle category. The exhibition consists of more than 20,000 exhibitors coming from 50 countries and 150,000 visitors from all the world. It is also a unique marketplace for doing high-level business at an international level with carefully selected and high-buying power operators.

TUTTOFOOD is an international exhibition dedicated to food and agriculture trade operators. It covers many sectors, such as beverages, sweets, meat and cold cuts, frozen food, dairy products. Created out of a strong commitment to internationalism, TUTTOFOOD is an effective showcase to discover new ideas with the best specialties from every corner of Italy and the world. Within this exhibition, four specific events offer the opportunity to learn more about these new trends: Showcase of Innovative Products, Showcase of Niche Products, 'Cheese Award', and the oil forum. 



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