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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

JMEC offers competitive consulting teams for your entry in the Japanese market

If you are a company manager, business owner or entrepreneur looking to launch a new product, expand your existing business—or make a new market entry—having a business plan made by a JMEC team could be your best option.

JMEC (Japan Market Expansion Competition) is an intensive business training program in Tokyo, now entering its 20th year. Operated by 17 foreign Chambers of Commerce in Japan, JMEC teams have since inception produced business plans for 178 companies, entrepreneurs and other organizations. JMEC is organized as a competition—for motivation and best results.
JMEC participants are English-speaking business professionals—Japanese and foreign nationals—working in Tokyo, who join the program to learn new business skills. They have a diverse range of professional backgrounds—engineers, accountants, designers, sales managers, and others—and typically 15-20 different nationalities are represented in each program.

How You Benefit from Using JMEC to Make Your Business Plan

  • Diverse professional and multi-national backgrounds of 4-6 member JMEC teams help generate fresh ideas and ‘out-of-the-box thinking’—shedding new light on your business.
  • JMEC teams provide analysis and recommendations independent of in-house perspectives.
  • You get an additional resource of ~1,600 work hours of market research and analysis, to help accelerate your business development. 
  • All at a cost substantially lower than you typically pay using commercial consultants.

Program Schedule for JMEC 20

November 2:  Program starts with a series of lectures and workshops on Saturdays.

Mid January:  Teams formed, projects allocated and teams meet their respective Project Clients.
May 24/25:    Oral team presentations to JMEC judging panel.
May 26~ :       Oral team presentations to JMEC Project Clients.

Project Client Fees & Deadlines

Project Client Fee:            ¥1,200,000    Apply & pay by November 30,2013.    
‘Early-Bird’ Discount Fee:         ¥990,000     Apply & pay by September 30, 2013.

For more information, contact JMEC Program Director Trond Varlid:

E-mail:    Phone: 080 4368 2025

Web Site:


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