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Linguaviva Italian Language School Opens Enrolment for Business Italian Courses

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, in collaboration with the Linguaviva Italian Language School, continues offering Business Italian Language Courses. 

From the 9th of February, a new course will start for people who have an advanced level in business Italian. Subscriptions are open until the 2nd of Febrary. This Level 5 course lasts 3 months, consists of 10 lessons and will help students to communicate in Italian for business-related situations. The course will be taught using the Linguaviva special teaching method. Students can develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills through role-playing activities, as well as through the use of educational DVDs/audio materials in classes. 

Linguaviva Italian Language School - which is also a member of the ICCJ - was established in 1986 by Bunryu Corporation, and has many years of experience in education: it offers a wide range of Italian language courses and carefully selects the most efficient learning resources and school facilities to best fit its students’ needs.

The Chamber supports Business Italian Language Courses and invites those who are interested to join and take part in these language courses. We believe in the importance of language skills for improving relationships between Italy and Japan and increasing business opportunities. 


For more information and the subscription, please contact the Chamber:

Phone 03-6809-5802



Linguaviva Italian Language School web page






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