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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

Message from the President - November 2014

Dear Members and friends of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan,

We are now running right through the middle of autumn, while the activities of our Chamber are at full throttle. Just a few days ago I was attending the final day of our Gran Concorso di Cucina, which is now at its fifth edition and can be righteously defined a classic among the promotional events for Italian cuisine in Japan. More importantly, the Gran Concorso is evidence of the efforts profused by ICCJ to certify the quality of Italian food and wine, as well as its culinary tradition. You will find full coverage of the event in one of the articles of this Newsletter.

Of course, we can, and we must, do more than this: thousands of Italian restaurants in Japan - in fact one of the highest concentrations in the world - together with a stellar popularity among consumers, makes extending our effort through other initiatives: the "AQI" (Italian restaurant quality mark) sticker, the collaboration with the Italian Government for the "Italian Hospitality in the World" initiative, of course. But also many shorter events to promote excellencies, such as the Lombardia Wine Week of this month or the workshop with the great chef Vittorio Fusari guiding us on Franciacorta region food and wines, on December 3.

Speaking of which, it comes natural to remind you once again of the rendez vous at our Gala Meeting on December 5: as a focal point of this year activities, the Gran Concorso award ceremony, chef Fusari's recipes and Expo 2015 will have a special place here. With them, many Members, sponsors, distinguished guests who have contributed and will contribute to our Chamber flourishing. I look forward to see you all there. 

Gianluca Testa

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