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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

Message from the President - September 2014

Dear Members and friends,

This year's last term has now begun, and we are getting closer to the sum-up. We could say that this year has shown a Chamber more active than ever in fostering the business relationship between Japan and Italy.

Just a few weeks ago our staff have brilliantly organized an institutional visit from a high delegation by CGIL, Italy's oldest labor union, further honoured by the presence of the union Secretary General, Susanna Camusso. During their visit, meetings with local labor unions took place, as well as with relevant Japanese companies and with local institutions, tracing an itinerary through Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka. The organization of the mission could be called spotless, granting our Chamber another reason of satisfaction for contributing to the ties between our countries.

Among the upcoming events, while it may be difficult to participate at this stage, I would like to draw attention to the closest one, a seminar titled "The future of healthcare in Japan" featuring Danny Risberg, Chairman of the European Business Council and, of course, CEO of one of the most important MNO in the consumer electronics and healthcare industry. I hope that such an authoritative person could match an equally impressive audience. (Please visit this link to know more:

Lastly, I am glad to announce that the next edition of our "ICCJ Gala Dinner&Concert", held on December 5 at the Tokyo Westin Hotel, will be giving a special focus on EXPO Milan 2015, and that it will feature a great chef from the Franciacorta region as well as a wonderful musical guest.

It will be the Gala Dinner of food, music, elegance and, of course, entertainment.

A presto (see you soon),

Gianluca Testa

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ICCJ Gala Dinner and Concert

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