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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

New economic opportunities thanks to ICCJ business tours

Following successful promotional events and B2B meeting during 2015 International Expo, the Chamber is organizing business tours to Italy for Japanese companies interested in Italian research, technology, education, manufacturing and foodstuff. During this Expo, the Chamber indeed played an important role of intermediator and promoter, helping several Prefectural Governments and Japanese companies to promote their products in Italy, organizing many professional events and B2B missions in Milan.

These business tours provide new opportunities for know-how exchange and collaborations between Italy and Japan.

The business tours are available to Japanese public and private operators interested in starting a new business in Italy, as well as for those who want to reinforce their partnership with Italian companies, associations and sister cities.

The tours involve many industry sectors: food, aerospace, tourism, education, fashion, automotive and mechatronics. Participants can gain more knowledge on topics such as cluster strategies, legislation background, certification systems, private companies and public institutions synergies. Since every company or public institution has its own needs and timing, the Chamber understands that adjustments may be required for each tour; they can be planned together or modified according to special needs.

There are many exceptional factors that make the success of Made in Italy and can also provide precious hints for Japan. Regarding the high quality product certification systems regarding foodstuffs and wines, for example, the Italian government and producers developed quality and safety control and protection systems such as Consortia associations and specific laws, in order to protect the high-value production; these strategies are fundamental, especially in times of globalization and price growth slowdown.

Another example concerns the tourism strategies to promote the beautiful locations or sites of the country around the world. Like Japan, Italy counts not only famous big cities but also traditional villages and small towns. The latter especially needs specific promotion strategies in order to attract tourists and be able to provide suitable facilities without a negative impact on the local environment and cultural landscape. Italian tourism models and experiences will be useful for Japanese Prefectures and countryside towns that in 2020 will see countless foreign visitors thanks to the Olympic games hosted in Tokyo.

ICCJ boasts many points of strength regarding the networking management between Italy and Japan. The Chamber, with its understanding of both countries’ cultures and special needs, can act as a mediator. Secondly the Chamber boasts a huge network of Italian and Japanese private companies and public institutions; as a result, with such a vast and varied network, ICCJ can help companies through targeted B2B meetings and events.

Missions in Milan organized during the 2015 International Expo from the 1st of May to the 31st October confirm the last success of the Chamber’s efforts to promote Italian and Japanese business and culture: 800 B2B meetings with Italian importers, journalists and associations during the “Japan Salone” concerning Japanese culture and production; 400 B2B meetings with travel agencies and public institutions for the “Cucina di Miyazaki, Dimora degli Dei” event. The first “Sushi Tram” or mobile sushi restaurant was running around Milan, offering tasting of Japanese food and sake to over 90 journalists and representatives of Italian public Institutions.

These examples are some of the events held by the Chamber during the 2015 according to its ‘Mame’ project. ‘Mame’ in Japanese means ‘bean’ and is one of the main ingredients of the Japanese cooking. This word has been chosen by the Chamber as the symbol of the seed that, after germinating, provides new fruits. Similarly, the Japanese companies had the opportunity to set foundations for new business in Italy.



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