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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

Olympics with ICCJ

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games are coming up. The Japanese Government has set sport as a key industry to drive the Japanese economy and is pushing to expand and develop sport activities and events throughout the country. A number of companies are boosting their investment in sport and in related industries.

In addition, various media platforms are managing sport content on a daily basis, contributing to increased public interest in sport activities, events and related products and many national and foreign companies are taking this opportunity to further develop their business in the Japanese sport market. This suggests important opportunities for Italian brands able to understand and reinterpret Japanese taste and to offer innovative and appealing products.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ICCJ) will support Italian companies interested in expanding their business in Japan by helping them find Japanese partners through Olimpiadi in Camera, a two-day B2B event taking place at ICCJ on the 11th -12th October. Prices start from 2000 euros. 

ICCJ will support the Italian participants through a partner research service, including company research, organizing B2B meetings and interpreting services.

For further information please refer to the Italian website or contact:

Marco Colosi

ICCJ Brands

True Italian Taste

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ICCJ Gala Dinner and Concert

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