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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

XXIII Area Meeting

XXIII Area Meeting - Italian Chambers of Commerce in Beijing 2014

A surprisingly clear and crispy Beijing hosted the 2014 meeting of the Italian Chambers of Commerce (CCI) in Asia, UAE and South-Africa between April 3rd-6th.

The Asia-South Africa area is one of the 5 geographical groups into which the network of CCI abroad (81 scattered in 55 Countries) are divided, meeting once a year in one of the Member Countries to plan common projects and synergies. The area comprises a total of 11 Chambers: China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Japan, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, UAE and Vietnam. Occasionally, Chambers not yet recognized by the Government are invited as guest auditors, like this time with the CCI in Indonesia.

The ICCJ was represented by Vice-President Fabrizio Cazzoli and Secretary General Davide Fantoni, who attended the 2-day meeting which was
organized by the CCI in Beijing and held at the local Embassy of Italy. The tone of day one sessions was set since the opening salutations by H.E. the Ambassador of Italy Alberto Bradanini and the President of the CCI in China Franco Cutrupia, who stressed the primary role of Asian markets within international economy and in particular with regards the made in Italy.

A set of best-practice presentations by Italian entrepreneurs working in different sectors in China –from architectural, mechanical to automotive- followed, all emphasizing on the central concept of current China economy: “man and the environment are finally at the center of the economic growth”. Within the next few decades China will witness an unprecedented urbanization and the Government finally realizes that it needs to be sustainable both from the social and economical point of view in order to recreate a balanced community. Economical and sociable sustainability are the keywords. Lanping Lu, from the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC, not only confirmed this trend but stressed the opportunities that the Chinese market is providing in term of foreign investment, based on two factors: from September 2013 foreign investors interested in sectors which are not in the black list have the same opportunities as Chinese companies; and following a 2013 survey on foreign investment in China conducted by European Council, 86% of its Member Chambers stated that they will expand in following years. Implementation of FTZs as the one in Shanghai and guidance on investment are clear examples of the new government policies: “no stopping in practicing development. No stopping in reform and hope”.

The round table of delegates from the Chambers in the Asia region that followed was also linked thematically to “Development” -through a broader understanding of cultural differences, a steadier presence in the hosting Country, a swift from manufacturing market to consumer market-, and “Hope” – a solution within the double taxation matter, financial support on site from Italian banking institutions.

The second day was dedicated to internal works and to the elections of the new area representative, which resulted in favor of the CCI in Vietnam. The Chamber officially joined the network only last year but both its President Michele d’Ercole and the Secretary General Pham Hoang Hai have been actively involved in the activities of the network for the past few years displaying a very strong commitment and contributing with a positive and inspirational energy.  


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