Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd. is providing short-seminar tutorials in English on risk management to ICCJ member companies free of charge.

=A special website has been set up to distribute the video (on-demand method), 20mins short seminar=

Contents: Doing Business in Disaster-Prone Japan (Wind and flood disasters Edition)―Employee Safety and Business Continuity―
In recent years, Japan has seen an increase in damage caused by typhoons, torrential rains and other wind and flood disasters.
In addition, the annual frequency of localized heavy rainfall has increased by 1.7 times.
In order to protect the lives of employees and restore business operations quickly, it is important to take measures in advance.
This session will explain how to use hazard maps, safety measures for employees, and information gathering websites for foreigners.

(2) Schedule: September 1(Wed) ー September 30(Thurs), 2021

(3) Language: English (with Japanese subtitles)

(4) How to watch: Please access the special site by using the following URL.



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