EU excludes Japan from the list of third countries for which member states should gradually lift restrictions on non-essential travel

This list is reviewed every two weeks, and this time the restrictions have been tightened again in response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection in Japan. However, this announcement is only at EU level. Although the Italian government has not yet (by January 29th) announced any new restrictions regarding the travels from Japan so far, it should be taken into account that Italy may follow this policy in the following days.

Check here for the official EU announcement (external link)


【Updates by 20th January 2021】

In this guide, you will find important tips and useful links that will help in case of travels from Japan to Italy.

Taking into consideration the Italian internal situation regarding Covid19 measures, it is very difficult to prepare a step-by-step explanation as national regulations are continuously changing and each region is also applying its own rules.

Furthermore, at this moment, even though you enter in Italy, it is important to remember that we are under semi-lockdown situation and each of the Italian regions are divided under colours (red, orange, yellow) and each color has a specific rules and limitations, and such distinction by colours can be changed day by day.

Current situation of travels from Japan to Italy (by January 20th 2021)

Rules under National Level

  • Travels from Japan is allowed for any reasons.
  • Italian authorities are not requesting PCR tests for entering to Italy.
  • Everyone arriving from Japan must be under self-isolation for 14 days from the day of arrival.

Rules under regional Level

Please note that in many cases, different regions apply different rules and requirements. Therefore, when you travel to Italy, it is highly important to check also what rules are applying the authorities of your final destination (Region, City). They might require, for example: some self declarations, PCR tests,  etc.


If you are traveling from Japan but in case you have been staying recently in some other country (countries) other than Japan, different/additional rules may apply. For example, authorities may request you to submit a self-declaration and prove that you have undergone a PCR test, with negative result, in the 48 hours before your arrival; to inform your Local Health Authority of reference as soon as you arrive to your final destination, etc.

Useful links:

As the situation is constantly changing, the best option is to check directly the latest information that the Italian authorities provide. Here you can find some of them:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Information regarding entering to Italy (page available only in Italian):
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Questionnaire (available in Italian and English):

This questionnaire is useful as by entering the answer that fits the best to each case, the site will give an answer of the current applicable rules to such case.

In this page you can find information for the rules that are applied in each EU Member States.

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