The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ICCJ) has been involved in digital activities steadily for the last few years, and we moved almost completely online in 2020. With three major websites, four social channels, two newsletters, and several digital promotion initiatives – comprising of landing pages, online advertising, and social campaigns – we need professionals that can help us maintain and expand our web presence.

How you can help us

We need a well-rounded digital expert that can move freely between the technical and marketing aspects of our online activity, which we started (and maintain to this date) internally.

Web management

  • Maintain, streamline, and improve our digital assets both on the technical aspect and on the usability one. This means being able to decide whether a website needs to be updated, fixed, or redesigned, being able to opt for an internal action or an external hire or purchase, and being able to execute on this option.
  • Take care of the operations of our web assets, be it uploading a new image on the server, checking whether the certificate needs renewal, or making sure that the backups are consistent and usable.
  • In collaboration with the designer, create responsive landing pages or minisites – with WordPress or just with HTML and CSS – for internal initiatives or clients.

Digital marketing

  • Collaborate with the marketing, the media, and the business managers in creating and executing content plans for our websites and social media, leveraging internal creators (employees and interns) and our stakeholders (members, institutions, influencers)
  • Create and monitor digital advertising campaigns for ICCJ or their clients
  • Assist the business managers in finding new opportunities to add value in the digital space, whether by investing in new assets or creating new initiatives

How we will decide whether we fit

  • You have a few years of real-world experience in the digital field, feel very confident with many of the above tasks (including the technical ones), and are willing to take on the rest of them in a relatively short time
  • You are ready to show us a portfolio of projects you took charge of, and you will be able to motivate your choices both from a technical and a business point of view
  • By the first interview, you will have spent some time on our websites and formed a rough idea of what the main priorities might be, as well as what will be the main challenges
  • While you strive for excellence and are able to suggest the best from the market, you are not afraid to devise rough-and-ready solutions for initiatives that start with a low budget, and “I’ll do it myself” is always one of your options.
  • Even if you do not speak native Japanese (which would be ideal), you are able to make sure that our contents are clean and effective for our Japanese audience.

How to contact us

Write to us at An English resume or CV is mandatory. A formal cover letter is appreciated, but so is a sensible self-presentation in plain text.

You can also apply through Linkedin.