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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

Amazon launches “Made in Italy” artisan crafts online store in Japan

​Starting June 10th 2016, customers can buy high quality, refined products made by Italian artisans through an in-store shop: “Made in Italy store” ( The initiative will allow customers to continue their shopping experience after a trip to Italy, or to discover the vast range of top quality products crafted by skillful Italian masters.

In the in-store shop, visitors will find detailed information about products as well as images and descriptions of the techniques and the places instrumental to their creation.

Amazon “Made in Italy” store was launched on the same day during a press conference hosted by Amazon and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ICCJ). Mr. Lorenzo Morini, representative of the Italian Embassy in Japan and Mr. Francesco Formiconi, board member of ICCJ and President of the Retail committee of the EBC (European Business Council) introduced the event with a salutation. Following this, Mr. Ken Hoshi (Director of Seller Services of Amazon Japan) presented the project and three Italian artisans also presented their products.

More than 12,000 products are now available on the “Made in Italy” on-line store and the artisans involved are in the hundreds – and both figures are increasing. After the launch in Japan, Italian artisans selling through the marketplace will reach up to 34 million visitors every month. It is expected that this initiative will contribute to increase the presence of artisanal Italian products in the international markets.

The idea of a “Made in Italy” in-store shop started two years ago at Amazon Italy. Last October, the first store officially opened on the website, followed by, and, involving a small group of artisans who firmly believed in this project.

“The difficulties were actually few: basically it consisted in supporting artisans in activities they never had a real need to do, such as providing images or product descriptions for the virtual shop. These are important if you want to reproduce on an E-Commerce platform the same emotions you can feel in a real shop,” said Alessandro Saccon, PR Manager pf Amazon Italia. “Artisans have been selected according to the quality of their products: strictly made in Italy, hand-made with few or no mechanical processing. Our country offers a wide number of excellent craftsmen that work in this way.”


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