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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

The Craft Beer Boom in Japan

As summer is steadily approaching, beer-focused events are starting to make their way across Japan - Tokyo in particular. Beer gardens attracting crowds of people are opening everywhere; beer festivals, beer seminars are taking place almost every week to celebrate and educate individuals on various beers from around the world. Notably, German and Belgium beer events such as Oktoberfest or Belgium Beer Weekend are also appearing across the country as people are starting to acknowledge and appreciate beers produced abroad.
When thinking of Italy and its excellencies in food and beverage, beer may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but the country can boast one of the most interesting and growing production markets in the world. While the Italian consumer has been only partially receptive to beer starting from the seventies, Italian beer is now experiencing a new renaissance thanks to the sudden boost in the number and quality of craft beers. Born in the nineties, Italian craft beer has been slowly spreading from Northern Italy to the rest of the peninsula, together with the increase in microbreweries and self-producing pubs.
Italian beer also has a growing presence in Japan and is likely to increase throughout the years.
When it comes to the craft beer scene, Japan and Italy share common points: neither Italy nor Japan are traditional beer countries; both countries started at around the same time (1994 in Japan, 1996 in Italy) and have grown in rather similar ways. Craft brewers in both Italy and Japan are influenced by various traditional styles, including Belgian, German, British, as well as American craft styles. Similarly, both countries have traditionally been proud of their food culture, which influence approaches to beer drinking and brewing, thus creating many possibilities for food pairing.

Since 2011, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan has been promoting Italian beer to its network through Biritalia, a beer garden event with a decidedly Italian flavor: the best Italian beers and careful matching of atmosphere and food. 
Biritalia aims to promote Italian beer to Japanese consumers - particularly to those who enjoy beer and have an interest in Italy but may not immediately associate the two.   
Various distributors have participated in past events to offer the Japanese audience with products still not fully present in the Japanese market. In addition to tasting the beers, a brief overview of the history and mapping of beer types in Italy as well as descriptions of various manufacturing methods of each beer are available. Biritalia acts as a platform for Italian beer brands to be promoted, acknowledged and appreciated by the general public, as well as by the HoReCa sector (Hotel, Restaurant, Cafè) whose operators are always invited to the event. 
ICCJ supports producers who are not yet present in the Japanese market to come into direct contact with importers and industry operators in order to encourage the introduction of new Italian products into the Japanese distribution channels.

This year Biritalia will take place on July, 21st at BUREAU Shinagawa
                                                                                 (4-1-6 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075)
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