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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

Delivering dreams

Two Italians were out for a ride to show our world’s children that dreams still do come true. Along with them, and sponsored by FCA Japan Ltd., Schenker-Seino was helping to deliver dreams.

One day, Luca and Andrea Bonventre pondered on a question: “Where do you think a ‘Nuova 500’ could arrive?” So they packed up and decided to drive the Fiat 500 from Italy to Japan while asking children about their dreams. They embarked on this journey whose stops included pediatric hospitals, as well as associations and foundations involved in early childhood in various countries. The two cousins left Turin, Italy more than a year ago to show that dreams can come true no matter what your age is. And with that, the “BeRevolution” project began. “We are curious about this because our project comes from our dream, so we wanted to discover what their dreams are,” said Andrea.

From the beginning, they knew that taking their Fiat 500, produced in 1965, across the globe, wouldn’t be easy. At one point, they crossed the sea by ferry from Iran to Dubai; while for the leg to Bangkok, Thailand, the vehicle was a cargo in a boat while they followed by airplane. After more than one year, Andrea and Luca reached their final destination Japan.

On June 13th, as “BeRevolution” reached Japan, Schenker-Seino’s team in Osaka took care of the necessary customs procedures for the convenient city car to continue the trip on its wheels from there on. In a month, the two gentlemen visited Hiroshima, Kyoto, Ezu while talking to children, before finally proceeding to Tokyo –their last stop for the project. Schenker-Seino’s Tokyo team, in turn, handled the export of the vehicle back to Italy on 4th July, with the precious support by Fiat Japan.

Schenker-Seino had looked forward to this project since we received the request. Luca had been in contact with the DB Schenker network quite some time before, inquiring about their journey to Japan. Italy trade lane manager Paolo Soldano was able to promptly cater to their request. And with it completed, we can only be so proud to be part of this amazing experience.

Through the 27,000km tour, Andrea said the children and their dreams gave them energy to realize their own dream. But Luca added: “Our dream is coming true thanks to everyone who gives a piece of knowledge, an idea or a hand.”

With its own humble beginnings, DB Schenker agrees that dreams do still come true. And we want the children in and outside our network to continue to believe so. The BeRevolution was more than just a shipment for us; it was, without a doubt, a journey to deliver dreams.


Schenker-Seino Co., Ltd.

Paolo Soldano, Route Development Manager Italy


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