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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

Learning how to taste the wine with Onav experts

The Chamber is happy to present a brief wine tasting course, planned for the 5th and 6th of November and open to anyone interested in knowing more about wine.
A guided theory along with an introduction to tasting methods will be carried out during the 2 day course and 15 different wines will be tasted.

The course is hosted by the Chamber and will be presented by an Onav expert who will come to Japan from Italy, especially for this occasion. Onav is an Italian non-profit national organization of wine tasters. Its aim is to promote the importance and pleasure of the wine-tasting art as well as to protect the profession of “wine taster”.

This course in November is a new collaboration between Onav and the Italian Chamber in Tokyo and will bring more opportunities to create events aiming to promote the knowledge of wine, in particular Italian wine, in Japan.

“Our goal is to enhance educational projects for citizens in order to spread the culture of Italian wine,” stated the President of Onav, Vito Intini, who continued: “We aim to offer stable projects thanks to the presence of the local person in charge of Onav, as well as the partnership with local institutions. For this reason, we are grateful and honored to collaborate with the Italian Chamber in Tokyo”.

Along with this event, higher level tasting courses are being organized, as well as some very special tasting experiences. “People attending the higher level course will become a certified wine taster and they will be able to judge, in a multi-sensorial way, worldwide wines, with a special attention to Italian wines,” concluded Intini.


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