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Marchio di Ospitalità Italiana

Sustainability: a Pride of the Italian Leather Industry

ICCJ hosted a seminar titled “Italian Leather Sustainability: a Strength of Made in Italy” on December 2, 2015. It was a successful opportunity to better understand and explore this topic and about 70 visitors - mostly Japanese buyers - participated.

The Italian tanning sector boasts a total production that is valued over 5.33 billion Euros per year; Italy is the leader in high-quality leather production and worldwide export. It also maintains a leading role by taking strategic initiatives to stir action towards a sustainable approach of the leather industry on a European level. Sustainability specifically regards environment, society and ethics.

Joannis Joannidis, Lineapelle expert, commented results of the Italian industry sustainability report that showed the results obtained this year thanks to the improvements that started in 2002. The report concerns many issues, such as: 

- water, energy, auxiliary chemical products consumption
- Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) air emissions
- animal welfare and leather product safety and consumer protection.

50% of the Italian leather sector is certified by ICEC (Certification Institute for Leather) and the trend is increasing. As a result, the “Made in Italy” trademark is also including a symbol of sustainability, along with quality, elegance and tradition.
The seminar was introduced by Pierluigi Trombetta (head of Economic Affairs Office of the Italian Embassy in Tokyo) and Fabio Bentivegna (expert of Promos, the international affairs Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Milano).

Italy is an example for the sustainability of the leather sector and every year finances research and technologies aiming to further improve these results. The Japanese market, which boasts an important tradition in leather manufacturing as well, understands this sustainable approach, that is a core aspect of Made in Italy products" commented Fabio Bentivegna. It is not by chance that about 30 companies affiliated to Lineapelle participated in the “Tokyo Leather Fair”, held on the 3rd and 4th of December in the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Center.

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