Message from the President

I would like to extend my greetings to all our current Members and to the Japanese, Italian and international business community that is willing to further develop relations with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ICCJ).

ICCJ plays an essential role in providing an economic support to Italian companies and private individuals interested in extending their business in Japan.

Moreover, ICCJ collaborates with different Italian partners and national organizations in Japan, as the Italian Embassy, ICE-ITA, the Italian institute of Culture and ENIT offering precious resources, expertise and competences for improving local business.

Our Board of Directors is composed of excellent Members representing a wide range of Italian sectors in Japan such as Food, Tourism, Fashion, Transport, IT, Finance and whose experience is of valuable use for everyone interested in expanding their business in Japan.

We have several years of experience in supporting companies of different sizes, especially in finding potential commercial partners, new business opportunities, as well as recruiting skilled resources.

We cover different sectors and our yearly calendar of activities reaches out to a large and diversified audience with events and services ranging from technical and professional support (Italia Amore Mio, Japan Olive Prize, Italy Land of Wine, seminars and workshops…) to cultural and sectorial promotion  (Adesivo di Qualità Italiana, Aperitivo della Camera, Gran Concorso di Cucina, Biritalia or the business Italian language courses).

These events take part in a larger frame of promotional activities coordinated by the Italian Embassy like The Italian Cuisine’s Week.

Moreover, our many and diverse Member companies contribute to creating a vibrant network environment that facilitates the exchange of information and the access to a wide range of specific contents within Japanese economic and entertainment sectors.

In closing, our partnership with the EBC (European Business Council) offers our Members an insight on a wide range of topics and represents a valid tool for the business community to overcome the main technical barriers of trade between Europe and Japan, and is becoming increasingly important, especially after the conclusion of the EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) negotiations.

I look forward to seeing you all at our events, while I remain at your disposal with the rest of the Members of the Board and the staff of ICCJ.

Francesco Tiberio

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