Special offer for the members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan.
Now is the chance to try FLAVIA, the stylish and reliable office coffee machine, together with our premium coffee LAVAZZA in your office for two weeks for free.

LAVAZZA boasts a history of more than 120 years in Italy, the home of espresso coffee. Guests in first-class restaurants, cafes, and hotels in more than 90 countries enjoy LAVAZZA coffee produced from carefully selected high-quality beans, state-of-the-art production facilities, and unique roasting and blending technologies.
FLAVIA, launched in 1982, is the world’s first one-drink serving machine. The revolutionary beverage machine features a unique, patented drink pack called the Fresh Pack. It is the only premium beverage system that can brew coffee, tea, lattes, and hot chocolate all in one machine.

With FLAVIA, you can easily enjoy a cup of premium LAVAZZA coffee that is recognized both at home and abroad in your office environment.

For more information, please contact: Lavazza Professional Japan LCC
Contact: Takenori Amemiya    
E-Mail: takenori.amemiya@lavazzapro.com
Tel:  +81-3-6635-2828