A new category of work permit has been included to the Italian immigration law

Non-EU workers who have already worked abroad for Italian companies or companies participated by Italian firms can obtain a work permit that shall not be subject to yearly quotas.

Article 27 of Italian immigration law, which lists the exceptions to the quota system, has been modified to include this new category of workers.  According to this amendment, workers who meet the specified requirements can be employed in Italy by the same companies or entities for which they have worked abroad, without having to compete for a “quota” set by the “decreto flussi” (flow decree), which sets the quotas for foreign workers entering the country. This measure aims to simplify the entry and employment of foreign workers who already have a work connection with Italian companies.

A new subparagraph (i-bis) is to be introduced to paragraph 1 of Article 27. According to this, workers who have been employed, for at least twelve months within the forty-eight months preceding the application, by companies headquartered in Italy or companies participated by Italian firms, can be employed at the locations of the same companies or entities in Italy.