From 2023-09-26 19:00 to 2023-09-26 20:30
Venue: ABC Cooking Studio Marunouchi

Italian sparkling wine “Prosecco DOC” at home! Elegant and delicious pairings with homemade Japanese cuisine.

Prosecco DOC, in collaboration with ICCJ, has organized a seminar focusing on how to pair Prosecco DOC with easy homemade Japanese recipes. The event will take place at ABC Cooking Studio. Masahiro Kasahara, the famous chef of “Sanpi-Ryoron”, and the sommelier Akira Mizuguchi, owner of “La Brace”, will lead the students of ABC Cooking Studio on a journey with tastings and cooking lessons.

*Event reserved for ABC Cooking Studio students.


Masahiro Kasahara

Born in Tokyo in 1972, he grew up observing his parents run a yakitori restaurant. After completing high school, he underwent a nine-year apprenticeship at the restaurant “Shougatu-ya Kitcho” before taking over the family restaurant. On the occasion of the restaurant’s 30th anniversary, he temporarily closed the establishment and opened his own restaurant “Sanpi-Ryoron” in Ebisu in 2004. His original creations quickly gained popularity, making the restaurant a highly difficult-to-book spot. In 2013, he opened a second restaurant called “Sanpi-Ryoron Nagoya” in Nagoya. He is also a representative of the “Washoku kyūshoku ōen-dan Higashinihon,” an organization that supports school meals in Eastern Japan and is actively engaged in promoting Japanese culinary culture through lessons in elementary schools. He has written numerous books that convey the charm of Japanese cuisine, from basic home recipes to more sophisticated dishes.


Akira Mizuguchi

After working at the restaurant “La Scala” in Kojimachi, he moved to Italy where he gained experience at Michelin-starred restaurants in the regions of Piedmont and Liguria, such as “Ristorante Paolo e Barbara”. After going back to Japan, he served as a sommelier at various restaurants, including “Felicità” in Aoyama and “Al Ponte” in Nihonbashi. In 2009, he became the owner of the restaurant “La Brace” in Azabu-Juban (currently closed). In 2002, he won the 4th Italian Wine Sommelier Contest organized by ICE. Currently, he is the chairman of the judging panel for the “JET CUP – Best Italian Wine Sommelier Competition” and actively contributes to the promotion of Italian wine culture. He is also a Prosecco DOC ambassador and a member of the board of the Japan Sommelier Association.


Event organized in collaboration with Consorzio di Tutela della DOC Prosecco

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