What will the social media world look like after the pandemic? As we have learned so far in 2020, it is not possible to ever be 100% prepared for the future. It is important to try to predict trends, strategize and plan, but we have to be flexible and ready to shift marketing and business strategies at any time, especially regarding social media.

The impact of the pandemic on the marketing landscape has certainly been of considerable intensity. Many things have changed: our life habits, the way we relate, the way we work. Due to this, it is easy to imagine how the business world has also suffered severe shocks. However, in this particular situation, we have witnessed a very rapid evolution in recent months of the digital transformation, with the use of new communication channels.

The strategies have changed to better adapt to the new tools, and the way in which companies communicate with their customers has become more digital. People have spent much more time indoors than before, feeling the need to feel connected to the world to some extent. For these reasons, numerous aspects related to social media marketing have been reviewed and updated. Investing in social media has therefore also become necessary for companies, which have thus had the need to seize all the opportunities offered by the digital transformation, perhaps underestimated before.

In a short time, 2020 has managed to give life to a completely new lifestyle and to create a set of new rules for everyone. From COVID-19 to the Black Lives Matter movement, brands and social media marketers find themselves making adjustments, large and small, to their original strategies. It became fundamental to analyze social media marketing strategy in perspective of the latest events and necessarily set the direction. Moreover, social commitment and empathy will be the keywords of the future, and it is an important part of the strategy changing the way of using social media.

Social media today represents an essential element for any activity: before COVID-19, the path was already traced, and the pandemic did nothing but accelerate and optimize certain processes already in place. Today, it is impossible to think of marketing processes without the support of social media, which have now forcefully entered the life of each of us.

Therefore social media communication and the use made of it are really important in the future of all kinds of companies.