An innovative project in the manga industry proposed by the Italian Chamber of commerce in Japan (ICCJ) has been chosen for financial support by the Italian Government.

The “InnovAzione” project was created by Assocamerestero, in collaboration with the 79 Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, the Italian Trade Agency (ICE) and with the financial support from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MISE). Targeting start ups, the initiative will help those with the best ideas in entering a specific foreign market of their choice, securing the operational support of the local Chamber of Commerce.

Verticomics, whose business is on the digital diffusion of illustration art like manga and comics, has chosen Japan as the market of choice, selecting ICCJ’s project as the most relevant for their business. The specific goals of ICCJ will consist in improving Verticomics contents base through negotiations with Japanese licensors. This kind of approach is still novel in Italy, where piracy and fan movements often fill the gap created by the lack of a digital strategy by traditional publishers and distributors.

Born in the startup accelerator Luiss Enlabs, the company developed an app (available on iOS and Android) to buy and browse comics in a digital format specifically designed for tablets and smartphones.
From Zerocalcare to Zagor and Milo Manara, Verticomics offers an innovative digital reading experience that has attracted more than 40,000 readers: the idea is in fact based on providing a single file with vertical movement, particularly suited to comic books (hence the name Verticomics ), as an alternative to the classic “flip-through” format inherited from print editions.
Thanks to agreements with leading publishers, the catalog of available content is constantly updated. Every day, all members can download the comic of the day available for 24 hours. In addition, it is also possibile create a personal library and read the comics offline.