Why don’t you spend your time dining or doing a home party at TRUNK(HOTEL). You may enjoy BBQ on the open terrace and also enjoy your dinner in a private space without worrying about time. We would like to offer a special price only during this state of emergency.

You may enjoy this BBQ plan in a maisonette type TERRACE SUITE ROOM with open stairs. We are sure you will enjoy a pleasant cooking and tasting moment, with the support of our dedicated concierge. Please enjoy your luxurious time by feeling the winds at the terrace area, doing a glamping mood BBQ.

【BBQ outline】


Mixed Nuts

3 assorted marinated olives

San daniel proscuitto & salsa plate

Sherry vinegar & balsamico dressed green salad

Potato salad with edo miso braized beef

Acqua pazza of sea bream & mussels

Mini beef cheese burger

Assortment of 3 kinds of meat (chicken legs, pork shoulder and beef sirloin)

Assortment of 3 kinds of vegetables

Seasonal fruits


■Price (Include Room Charge) : 246,400 JPY (Including tax and service charge) / Max of 5 people.

*For 6 people or more, we will charge 6,000 JPY per person.

■Reservation deadline: 3 days before the reservation day, 20:00.

■Available time: 17:00 – 23:30 ( 22:30 L.O)

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You may enjoy your foods at DINING SUITE, LIVING SUITE, BALCONY JUNIOR SUITE by ordering to TRUNK(KITCHEN) and TRUNK(KUSHI), and also cocktails from TRUNK(LOUNGE) prepared by the bartender. Dining with your friends, family, or as a special occasion. It makes your day more special.

CLICK HERE TO BOOK TRUNK(HOTEL) SUITE: TRUNK(HOTEL) デイユース ご予約フォーム (trunk-hotel.com)