From 2021-04-22 18:00 to 2021-04-22 19:30
Venue: ZOOM Online

Introducing new products by no sake, no life Co., Ltd. & information on Aperitivo that also serves as a tasting party.

Lockdown has begun again in European countries, and even in Japan, dark news and going out are difficult days.

We have started selling the new product “WINK CBD”, Japan’s first CBD craft ale, so that everyone in the Corona Whirlpool can relax as much as possible. To commemorate this, we will hold “CBD CRAFT ALE WEBINAR” with the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan.
This product will be sent free of charge to the first 30 registrants. In addition, for those who have applied for participation, we will send you a “CBD CRAFT ALE WEBINAR” exclusive coupon & site URL that you can purchase at a later with 15% OFF. (Registration by April 20)

* Customers who place an order by April 15th will be able to join us at Aperitivo, and we will deliver it by the day of April 22nd.

At this webinar, Mr. Sakamoto of August Beer Co., Ltd., the developer and manufacturer, will be invited to talk about “Japanese craft beer” as well as “the safety of CBD, expected effects, and the future”. In the second half, there is also a place (Aperitivo) where you can talk casually while drinking with Italian special guests, so please feel free to join us.

This time We couldn’t face-to-face, so We still felt lonely, but we’d be happy if we could help you to refresh yourself.
Co., Ltd. no sake, no life

18:00 [Opening remarks] no sake, no life CEO Murai
18:05 [Japanese craft beer, CBD] Mr. Sakamoto, CEO of August Beer Co., Ltd.
18:30 [Japanese liquor seen by Italians] Marco Ferrari
18:40 [Q & A]
18:50 [Aperitivo]
19:30 [End]

Format: Online seminar by ZOOM
Language: English
Participation fee: Free
Pre-registration system (Limited distribution to 30 registrants)

Registration (by April 20)

[Guest details]
no sake, no life Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Yosuke Murai
After graduating from Keio University, joined Nomura Research Institute, and then became independent after working for IBM and Recruit.
Currently, he is a shareholder of August Beer Co., Ltd. and a representative of no sake, no life Co., Ltd. He also publishes books by making use of his own experience.
August Beer Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Kenji Sakamoto
Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Economics.
Joined Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.
During his tenure, he studied abroad at the University of Wisconsin State School of Business and obtained an MBA.
Kirin USA Vice President, Budweiser Japan Sales Headquarters, Benkaiser Japan President,
After serving as Managing Director of Jardin Wines and Spirits, he started August Beer Co., Ltd. in 2004.
Marco Ferrari
My name is Marco and I am originally from Reggio Emilia (Italy)! After an experience in Australia for
1 year in 2004 I followed my passion and I decided to move to Japan.
My passion about travel started from high school as I graduating as a tourist expert at the Filippo Re
technical tourism institute in Reggio Emilia.
My dream was to open my own travel agency but before that I was aware of having to do some
apprenticeship but above of all, I had to learn English, that’s why I decided to move to Australia.
After a few months in Japan I managed to find a job. where I was able to do the apprenticeship for 11
years in a real Japanese Travel Agency! And after a lot of effort, life changes, I was able to make mine
dream of opening my own travel agency come true, in 2015 I open my agency which was the first and
Italian travel agency in Japan!
My social networks have made the breakthrough for my business giving me the chance to show my travels and my life in Japan. They allow me to interact with many people and thanks to them comments and messages I have the opportunity to improve myself and always stay updated on what
people looking for on a trip.
Please take a look my SNS: