From 2023-01-23 16:00 to 2023-02-18 18:00
Venue: Online (zoom, etc.) or ICCJ Event Space

ICCJ is organizing online B2B meetings with the Italian company WM AGRI TECHNICS to introduce its two multifunction slope-tool carriers to the Japanese market.

1. Online (zoom, etc.)
2. Italian Chamber of Commerce in Japan

Company description
It all began in South Tyrol, an area characterized by steep terraces and narrow roads that hardly leave room for mechanization of time-consuming and physically demanding manual farm work.

For this reason, in 2006 WM AGRI TECHNICS decided to develop VITRAC and VIROC , two revolutionary types of tool carriers.

Initially designed for local viticulture, these vehicles are flexible and extremely easy to handle even on the steepest slopes, capable of accommodating the most complex implements, and suitable for many types of work.

Adherence, power, safety, versatility, and driver comfort are the main features of VITRAC and VIROC.
A high-performance on-board computer, self-braking engine, and hydrostatic transmission ensure optimal traction of the machine on the roughest terrain, while the double-jointed articulation allows a turn of 82 degrees!

The tool carriers are also equipped with a wide range of easily interchangeable implements and attachments, including sprayers, mowers, planers, pruners, forklifts, and dumpers.

VITRAC and VIROC. meet a wide range of farming requirements with one common feature: thanks to a minimized machine weight, the operator is able to handle all operations independently.

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