There is an air of satisfaction among the booths of the Veneto region hosted in the ICCJ’s exhibition area. “ACCI Gusto is an oasis for food product makers of Italy. Visitors already know the quality of the products and are aware of the importance of its provenance,” commented Antonella Riva, head of Promozione Veneto. “Companies going to Japan for the first time have the double opportunity of B2B meetings but also to inspect the Japanese market without intermediaries. In this way they directly mature awareness of what it means to export to Japan, as meeting the buyers in Italy is not enough,” she added.

The “ACCI Gusto” trade fair took place on the 17th and 18th of November, providing a unique opportunity for companies that want to launch their products for the first time to the Japanese market and for those who are already present in the market and looking for new distribution channels. ACCI Gusto is the first trade fair specialised in promoting the Italian food industry in Japan and counts about 4000 visitors every year. It is a distinctive meeting platform for the major importers, distributors, organised by the Association of Chefs of Italian Cuisine.

The ICCJ participated for the third year in a row by offering support to 10 companies, most of which were visiting Japan for the first time. These companies (mostly SME’s, family-owned producers of Veneto) offered traditional high-quality food, with authentic, natural ingredients and genuine production methods. They had the opportunity to understand the local market and meet potential partners for export to Japan, thanks to regional funds and the coordination of Promozione Veneto, as well as the ICCJ.

The other companies who participated in ACCI Gusto and supported by ICCJ were logistical services supplier (Schenker-Seino Co., Ltd.)  and 2 olive oil producers from Tuscany and Marche (Bellanducci and Massimo Mosconi, 3rd place at the Olive Oil Prize, 2015 edition).

ICCJ’s aim in participating to this trade fair is not only to support Italian producers interested in finding Japanese business partners, but also to spread and deepen the knowledge of Italian food products in Japan through seminars and workshops. ICCJ also offers support to Japanese companies involved in the business of importing Italian products to Japan.


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