From 2021-05-18 15:00 to 2021-05-18 04:00
Venue: ZOOM Online Webinar / Facebook Live (@ICCJ.Tokyo)

“Cinta Senese”, also known as the phantom black pig of the Siena area, Tuscany, is characterized by a white band on its black skin.
This Cinta Senese is very famous for its rarity and deep taste. In fact, it has been portrayed by artists throughout history, especially during the Renaissance. However, where did Cinta Senese come from?

In this seminar, we will thoroughly explain this characteristic pig from the perspective of art history! Registration is free! Don’t miss it!

15:00 Opening remarks
15:10 The black pig “Cinta Senese” in the art
15:40 Cinta Senese, a charming taste
15:50 Q & A
16:00 End

ICCJ member / AQI restaurant: Free of charge
ICCJ non-members: Free (only available on Facebook)


Piergiacomo Petrioli. Art History Professor from Siena