From 2022-09-08 18:00 to 2022-09-08 19:30
Venue: ZOOM

– How to Use Machine Translation Effectively –

From 2022 -09- 08 18: 00
to 2022 -09-08 19: 00
Venue: ZOOM Online Webinar


There is an Italian saying, “traduttore, traditore” (translator, betrayer). Machine translation services, including major free translation services, have seen remarkable technological advances in recent years, but if you do not use them correctly, you won’t get your point across…
We introduce the knowledge we have as a translation company for effectively using machine translation, which is used on a daily basis to interact with foreigners, using ways that may seem obvious but are often overlooked.
By understanding the nuances that machine translation often overlooks, you can make up for machine translation’s shortcomings when using it.
Please join us.

18: 00 Opening remarks
18: 10 Introduction of Honyaku Center Inc.
18: 15 Machine Translation Will Not Betray You – How to Use Machine Translation Effectively
18: 50 Q&A
19: 00 End

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