From 2023-09-27 18:30 to 2023-09-27 20:00

Pizza and Prosecco DOC, two of Italy’s most representative products, come together in this unique event. PIZZA STRADA, ranked 12th among the best pizzas in Asia, and Denis Lovatel, ranked 17th in the Top Italian Pizza list, will present an original pizza paired with Prosecco DOC! 


*Event for media and influencers, on invitation only


Denis Lovatel

Pizzaiolo and owner of the pizzeria “DA EZIO,” located in a small town near the Dolomites. Growing up in the mountains, Denis is now known as the “pizzaiolo di montagna”, the mountain pizzaiolo. In June 2023, he opened “DENIS” pizzeria in Milan, bringing the original approach that distinguishes his mountain-style pizzas. Using only cheeses, vegetables, and other ingredients from local farms, Denis adheres to sustainable values and contributes to the local community. He received numerous awards, including the “Italy Best Pizza” award twice and the “Green Oven Award” in the Top 50 Pizza.






Takeru Jo

Born in Sapporo in 1973, he worked in the real estate industry during his twenties, but at the age of 30, he decided to pursue his passion for food and started working in a bakery, focusing on the production and creation of Japanese and Western sweets. Later, he became the general manager of a well-known restaurant chain in Sapporo, and in 2017, he became the owner and president of Pizza Strada. His goal is to create and introduce new and unique pizzas to the world.




Event organized in collaboration with Consorzio di Tutela della DOC Prosecco

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